• "Astronomical Telescope Manufacturer india "
  • "Astronomical Telescope Manufacturer india"

We Are Frontier Telescope Makers in India. We Make Diffraction Limmited Telescope Mirrors For Astronomical Telescopes, We Make Telescope Mirrors, With Front Coating Aluminised Mirrors With Protective Coat of SiO

Our Expert Optical Designer Mr. Atul Sane Has over 36 years Expirence in Lense Design and Optical Engineering, He Designs Optical Systems As per customers Requirements.

We Also Undertake coating of Lenses, For Charges, Shipping And Handeling Please email us : sales@telescopes.in

We Produce Fine Quality Optical Lenses, Achromatic Lenses, Telescope Parts Telescope Mounts, Mirror Mounts, As Well As Rack and Pinion Focusers,Barlow Lenses, Eyepieces, We Also Sell Plossl Eyepieces.