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AV 100 -1000

First Starter Telescope, Well Suited for Beginers, And Proffesionals likes its Quality, Portabality, Its, Robust and Sturdy Design Will Help in viewing Pleasent Steady images of Moon, Platens, Nebulae, etc....

AV 125 -1000

Intermediate Level Telescope, Gives very Fascinating images, of Planets, Moon, Binary Stars etc.



AV 150 - 750

Compact, Robust Construction, Its, 5 F- Ratio gives, stunning images, of Deep sky objects, Funtastic Brighness, Superb Field of View, Mostly suited for Deepsky imaging or Viewing Wide Field of View. Helps in Quick locating of object ....

AV 200 - 1200

This is A Large Aperture Telescope For Serious Astronomer, Its Big Apertuer Gives Excellent Brigness As Well As Higher Magnification Due To its Long Focal Length of 1200 mm its parabolic Reflector Gives Stunning images of Planets, Moon, As well as Brighter images of Deep Sky object such as Galaxies, Neublae, Star Clusters etc.